Mobile World Congress 2018 roundup
Mar 15

It’s been two weeks after the annual mayhem of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The hectic pace of the event, coupled with the Siberian blast of cold weather that descended on the city, didn’t detract from what was ultimately an extremely rewarding week. For a show…

Mobile World Congress 2018 — themes and what to expect
Feb 15

It’s that time of year again. A veritable who’s who of the industry will again converge on (some would say invade) the sylvan shores of Barcelona for the biggest trade show of the year. Delegates will need immense reserves of energy…

Beyond the Next Billion — origins
Jan 2

As this blog takes shape, I felt it was important not only to acknowledge new beginnings but also to explain the central theme and philosophy behind the blog. In nearly 20 years in the mobile communications industry, I have been privileged to witness several disruptive…