For Mandala Insights Dev. Team

That’s you and I, Putch! : )
Here’s where we can leave each other notes, assign tasks and follow up on them, etc.
Essentially, a centralized space to track and record ALL site related activity.
Once the site is complete, and we’re ready to publish, we’ll delete the link.


  1. How ‘conservative’ do you want your contact info. display (phone number, e-mail ID etc).? I ask because I’m not entirely clear about your audience profile.
    I’ve reduced them all to icons in the left-side Bar (Left Widget Area), and printed the responsive tel. no. link in the main Navigation Menu Bar on top. Note that I’ve deleted the ‘Contact’ page completely.
    If you really really want to print them out in text (like we had originally), I’ll figure something out.
  2.  Answer to question above – target audience is generally pretty stuffy, telecom engineering types. Mostly do work on email, not very social media savvy. So a “contact” button that prompts an email is the best course of action as these guys are much more comfortable sending an email before calling. So if we can call it “Connect” and on clicking, prompt an email, that would be the best. Direct calling is very unusual behavior in my industry, especially given the geographical spread of people. 





For Shiv
    1. Finalize the key visuals being used on the site pages.
      Visit https://unsplash.com/ (it’s the best free stock image site I’ve found so far), browse, and give me a sense of the visuals you’d like to use on the site.
      Once that’s done, ALL the final visual elements can be fine-tuned into place.
      I would like to include a key header visual for each page, so the visual jump from the Home page to other site pages isn’t quite as startling.

For Madhvi
  2. Try to ‘fix’ the Main Navigation Bar, so it doesn’t scroll out of view.
  3. Hide WordPress icon in the footer.
  4. Reduce the space between the Contact and Follow Us widgets in the Left Widget Bar
  5. Find a more elegant solution to embedding the Twitter feed.
  6. Figure out how to change the image of the Medium link in the Social Bar on the Home Page. If it isn’t possible, remove it altogether.

div class="social-menu"
ul id="menu-social-links" class="social-icons"
li id="menu-item-11" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-11"
a href="https://medium.com/beyond-the-next-billion">Medium